The Five Restaurants in Virginia Beach You Can’t Miss

Virginia Beach is a favorite holiday destination of Americans, and of tourists from around the world. Nicknamed “The Resort City”, this independent city is known for its beaches, which stretches several miles. It is also a famous destination for travelers who want the best oceanfront dining experience.

Sushi King


There’s something about beaches and seafood. They’re just perfect together, especially in Virginia Beach. This is why Sushi King is on this list. And, of course, because all their Japanese food offerings are a hit. Nothing beats their sushi, though. If you want a real Japanese feast, go for their extra affordable eat-all-you-can.

Croc’s 19th Street Bistro


A perfect choice for you if you love local produce, fresh seafood, and farmer’s market treats. You’ll love the vibrant look and feel of the place. Sunday brunch is made more interesting by a special drag show.

Waterman’s Surfside Grille


Located along 5th Street, Waterman’s Surfside Grille is known for its varied seafood offerings. Some favorites include crab cakes, flounder, and scallops. Many of its regulars also swear by the restaurant’s house smoked ribs. Dining is made more fun by live music from local bands and DJs.

Chick’s Oyster Bar


If your idea of a culinary feast consists of clams, crabs, wings, and of course, oysters, Chick’s is the best Virginia Beach restaurant for you. The restaurant has a very nautical feel because it is located near the river. Also worth trying out are their tacos and their exciting Tex-Mex special.

Miriam’s Fil-Am Cuisine


Filipino cuisine is unique and interesting. It features a variety of flavors and often exotic ingredients. If you want the best Filipino food experience, the only place to go to is Miriam’s over at Shore Drive. For first timers, the best choices would be pancit and sisig.

How to Travel Down the American Coast on a Budget

A lot of people want to leave work (or their studies) for awhile, pack their bags, and travel wherever they want to. And then they realize they would need a significant amount of money, so the plan fizzles out. This is a typical scenario, one that even I experienced years ago, while I was still starting out on my travel adventures. Nowadays, though, there are a lot of ways to travel without spending that much, especially when your plan is to explore the American coast.

Plan Your Trip Ahead of Time

The ideal way to save is to start planning as early as possible. Planning ahead of time will encourage you to start saving early. Talk to a travel planner (like me!) before you lay down your plans.

Go on a Road Trip

Instead of spending your hard-earned dollars on airfares, look for a reliable and affordable car rental service. Be sure to go for one that includes insurance. There are not a lot of these in the United States, but your travel planner can help you out with this.

Stock Up on Food

Since you will be traveling on the road for hours upon hours, stock up on food. As much as possible, buy your stock from the cheapest shopping centers or stores. Avoid eating in restaurants as this will only add up to your expenses.

Choose Less Common Sources for Your Accommodations

When I travel, I do not go for hotels listed in glossy travel magazines and online sites. I usually go for the less common ones like the ones found on AirBnB. Sometimes, I also look for inns and hostels. They are way cheaper than hotels. If you want free accommodations, you’ll find some through Couchsurfing, which is an online source for local families/individuals who offer free lodging to travelers. Or, if you are the adventurous type, you can go camping!

Going Around Your Destination

Once you reach a stop or a destination, look for tourism centers and find a way to get park passes. Likewise, get information about free events that you can join. Walk around to save on gas; the best way to explore a place is by walking. Leave your rented car somewhere safe and start your adventure!


The Four Best Night Clubs in New Jersey

New Jersey, also known as the Garden State, is an exciting place of adventure for those who want to enjoy the nightlife. Aside from the world famous Atlantic City and the tourist favorite Jersey Shore, New Jersey also boasts of having some of the best nightclubs in the United States.

The Stone Pony


If you want to dance on the same floor and club that Santana and Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band step foot on, go to the world famous The Stone Pony in Asbury Park. Dance to some of the best music in the world and enjoy your favorite drink while lounging around with friends.

Lake Como’s Bar Anticipation


Situated at 16th Avenue on Lake Como, Bar Anticipation is the answer to your all-night, all-week party-and-dance cravings. Counted as one of the state’s most popular, it boasts of a big dancing space. This bar is open to all types of night clubbers.

Atlantic City’s The Pool After Dark


Located along Harrah’s Boulevard, The Pool After Dark is a unique nightclub because it features a swimming pool and a hip club in one compound. If you want to dance the night away, dress up in your best outfit and get ready to splash the dance floor with your fanciest moves. You can choose to dip your heels and leather shoes in the pool or sit comfortably with friends while enjoying refreshing drinks. You can also don your best swimsuit and enjoy some pool time with cool dance music playing in the background.

Avenue Nuit Night Club in Long Branch


If you like the atmosphere in the northern part of Jersey Shore, check out Avenue Nuit Night Club. It is one of the hippest clubs in the area. You can choose to party at the rooftop lounge, which comes with a swimming pool; or you can go a little more sophisticated at the club’s indoor lounge. The DJs here dish out some of the best night club music, perfect for those who want to dance the night away.

A Recent Charity Event I Attended In Philadelphia

Welcome back my friends! Jen is here again with another tale of my exploits. If you’ve been following along for any period of time, you’ll know that I absolutely love being able to help others. If I am able to find an opportunity to travel, experience something new, and help out, I will jump on the opportunity without delay. Just recently, I was invited to Philadelphia by one of my good friends. At first, I was sure what to expected. However, I ended up enjoying every second of my trip and I was thrilled to be able to give back to the community.

The City of Philadelphia

First and foremost, let me tell you that the City of Philadelphia is by far one of my favorites. It is downright beautiful and the people are incredibly diverse. While walking down the streets of this city, you can meet people of all different backgrounds. I always love meeting new people and exploring different cultures. This makes Philadelphia perfect for me.

The Charity

Although I was able to enjoy my trip to the city, the main importance was to work for the community. I joined up with my friends and we worked alongside a charity to clean up the city. We went all around the city and targeted the most run down communities. We cleaned up a large quantity of rundown buildings and many that had been long vacated. At one point, we were forced to contact the best exterminator Philadelphiaphoenix bed bug exterminator had to offer. One of the rundown buildings was overrun with cockroaches. As you know, I am not a friend of nasty, creepy critters and cockroaches are by far the worst. Hire the top bed bug specialists in new york

Bed Bug Exterminator NYC

When were finished, I felt like I needed to take three or four showers. Nonetheless, I am proud of my accomplishment and thrilled that I was able to help. I hope that these buildings will be useful to the community at some point in the future.


And of course, I used my free time in Philadelphia to visit some of the city’s most amazing attractions. I took the time to visit the historical Liberty Bell! Wow! I still cannot believe how big the bell is in person. Also, I made a stop at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The museum was crammed full of amazing works of art. And finally, my friends and me recreated the iconic scene for the Rocky movie, as we rushed up the Rocky Steps. Suffice to say, our journey to Philadelphia was fun, eventful and very memorable. I hope to be able to return sometime in the future.

My Recent Trip To Chicago Illinois – All About My Experience

Hello everyone! Welcome back. As you already know, I am a big travel enthusiast. I absolutely adore traveling throughout the world, but I often neglect my own country. So, I decided to take a smaller trip during the past few years. I turned my attention to the historic city of Chicago. I had never been to Chicago, despite traveling through Illinois numerous times. Initially, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Nonetheless, I absolutely adored my experience and wouldn’t take it back for the world!

The Diversity

One of the most notable differences between Chicago and many of the other cities in American is the diversity. When walking the streets of Chicago, it is possible to meet and speak with people of all different ethnicities and backgrounds. The people are incredibly friendly and the enormous diversity ensures you’re always able to learn something new about Chicagoans, as well as those from outside of the country.

A Slight Problem

Although I undeniably loved my time in Chicago, I did notice something that needs to be corrected right away. The rat control Chicago put in place to keep its street clean was lacking to some degree. When exploring the beautiful Michigan Avenue, I saw a big rat scurry across the road. And, I must admit that the public transportation gave me the willies. There have been numerous reports making citizens aware of bedbugs on public buses. Bedbugs aren’t dangerous, but I still do not want to take them home with me! If Rahm Emanuel sees my post, please employ more exterminators!

Plenty Of Amazing Sights

Chicago is one of the most popular travel destinations in America and this isn’t a simple coincidence. The city is full of amazing sights and attractions. During my journey, I made it a necessity to visit Willis Tower, the John Hancock Center, and the Navy Pier. Each proved to be a modern marvel and each was more impressive in person than it was on my computer screen. I also made sure to stop by Soldier Field to catch a Bears game. Although I am not much of an NFL fan, I did enjoy myself.


Despite it all, I must admit that the best aspect of my trip was getting the opportunity to experience the local cuisine. The Chicago style hot dog looked hideous, but it was surprisingly delicious. And the Chicago pizza was far better. If you’re a fan of cheese, you will absolutely love a Chicago-style pizza. I highly recommend it!