a1If you love traveling and exploring the United States, you have come to the right virtual address. I am Jen, and I love to go “down the shore” on exciting adventures around the country.

Down the Shore with Jen is where I share all my fun experiences with you. I am one person who believes that every experience, no matter how small or significant, should be shared. So, I will post as regularly as I can and share with you not only fascinating, exciting, and surprising stories about my trips; but also some tips and suggestions for making the best out of your travels and holidays.

I have always loved to go on adventures. Ever since I can remember, I have always been eager to learn about new things, to discover places, and to meet new friends. This is why I decided to make traveling a major part of my life.

Throughout the many years that I have been exploring the country, I have learned a lot. I’ve had several hits and misses, but they never discouraged me. Instead, they encouraged me to go on and keep going “down the shore”.

Now that I have had the opportunity to gather a lot of experiences, it’s time for me to start sharing them with people who also love doing what I love. It’s time for me to share what I have learned; time for me to offer whatever help I can in weaving and creating memorable holidays and unforgettable travel adventures.

So, come and journey with me as we discover the United States…as we discover ourselves.