My Recent Trip To Chicago Illinois – All About My Experience

Hello everyone! Welcome back. As you already know, I am a big travel enthusiast. I absolutely adore traveling throughout the world, but I often neglect my own country. So, I decided to take a smaller trip during the past few years. I turned my attention to the historic city of Chicago. I had never been to Chicago, despite traveling through Illinois numerous times. Initially, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Nonetheless, I absolutely adored my experience and wouldn’t take it back for the world!

The Diversity

One of the most notable differences between Chicago and many of the other cities in American is the diversity. When walking the streets of Chicago, it is possible to meet and speak with people of all different ethnicities and backgrounds. The people are incredibly friendly and the enormous diversity ensures you’re always able to learn something new about Chicagoans, as well as those from outside of the country.

A Slight Problem

Although I undeniably loved my time in Chicago, I did notice something that needs to be corrected right away. The rat control Chicago put in place to keep its street clean was lacking to some degree. When exploring the beautiful Michigan Avenue, I saw a big rat scurry across the road. And, I must admit that the public transportation gave me the willies. There have been numerous reports making citizens aware of bedbugs on public buses. Bedbugs aren’t dangerous, but I still do not want to take them home with me! If Rahm Emanuel sees my post, please employ more exterminators!

Plenty Of Amazing Sights

Chicago is one of the most popular travel destinations in America and this isn’t a simple coincidence. The city is full of amazing sights and attractions. During my journey, I made it a necessity to visit Willis Tower, the John Hancock Center, and the Navy Pier. Each proved to be a modern marvel and each was more impressive in person than it was on my computer screen. I also made sure to stop by Soldier Field to catch a Bears game. Although I am not much of an NFL fan, I did enjoy myself.


Despite it all, I must admit that the best aspect of my trip was getting the opportunity to experience the local cuisine. The Chicago style hot dog looked hideous, but it was surprisingly delicious. And the Chicago pizza was far better. If you’re a fan of cheese, you will absolutely love a Chicago-style pizza. I highly recommend it!