Hire Me

Allow me to help you plan your next holiday adventure! Hire me as your travel planner. I am a traveler, so I know what you want and need.

I know that as your holiday/travel planner, I need to:

Offer Affordable But Relaxing and Memorable Travel Options


I know how and where to find the best deals. I know which hotels, resorts, and other accommodations will suit your needs. I know the perfect destinations for you. I know how to make beautiful memories.

Be Trustworthy


I know you want a reliable planner and I am confident that I am one. My vast experience in traveling, coupled with my extensive exposure to different places in the United States – even the littlest of towns – will help make you feel comfortable with me.

Stay Updated with Trends and Current Rates

Yes, I am updated with holiday/travel trends, as well as the current rates for airlines, car rental companies, as well as airport requirements and regulations. After all, I am a traveler myself.

How It Works


As a personal travel planner, the most important thing for me is to build a good communication line with you. So, I offer two options for the actual planning of your trip.

Option 1: Get in touch with me through the contact form on this blog. After I send you a reply regarding your inquiry, we can arrange for a meeting. We can meet online through Viber or any chat app that you use. We will then schedule regular meetings for updates and miscellaneous matters that might crop up while we are planning your trip.
Option 2: The same contact process; send me an email or call me through the contact form on this blog. After I send my reply regarding your inquiries, we can meet at a place, date, and time you prefer. We can sit down and start the planning. We will then come up with a checklist and a schedule for updates.



My rates depend on your destination/s and the number of people traveling. I usually charge a minimal consultation fee of $100. This includes basic information you will need for your travels (generally about the place you are going to and the requirements), but not including details like accommodation options, tour choices, airlines, and rental cars (if needed).